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Odonata observed in Central Zagros, Iran, in late May 2017.

(International Dragonfly Fund – Report 117 ) 

Autoren: Oleg E. Kosterin & Azam Ahmadi

Erscheinungsjahr: 2018

Seitenzahl: 65 (113 Farbfotos, 1 Karte)

Format: 21 cm x 15cm (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-3-931921-20-0

Preis: 9,90 €

In the period 18th – 31st May 2017, 33 localities were examined for Odonata in the Central Zagros area of Iran: 16 in Markazi Province, 14 in Lorestan Province and 3 in Esfahan Province; in 27 of those localities Odonata were found, 25 species in total.

For Markazi Province, only one species, Calopteryx splendens, was previously reported (and also found by us), so of 17 species found there 16 are formally new provincial records (Epallage fatime, Lestes barbarus, Coenagrion ornatum, C. persicum, Enallagma cyathigerum, Ischnura elegans, I. intermedia, I. pumilio, Platycnemis kervillei, Anax imperator, Anaciaeschna isoceles, Caliaeschna microstigma, Libellula depressa, Onychogomphus lefebvrii, Orthetrum brunneum, Sympetrum fonscolombii).

Of 17 species found in Lorestan, 5 are new for this province (L. barbarus, Aeshna mixta, Orthetrum taeniolatum, Sympetrum arenicolor, S. striolatum). Only two species were seen in Esfahan Province, in which little time was spent. Notes on variation and taxonomy are provided for Sympecma paedisca, C. ornatum (considered to be a senior synonym of C. vanbrinkae because of variation in the presumed main diagnostic character), E. cyathigerum, I. elegans, Gomphus schneideri (including discussion of G. amseli), as well as notes on habitats of most species and the general characteristics of the area.

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